Individual Income Tax Returns

Along with quick, friendly and professional service, we will make sure your return is filed accurately and within deadlines.






Tax code changes

We understand and are knowledgeable on all individual income tax reform changes.

For a typical household with a 1040 form

All we need to get started is your previous year return and your current year tax documents, and from there, we will ask the appropriate questions and complete your tax return. We will provide it for your review and signature (electronically through our client portal or in person), and once you have signed and paid, we will electronically file your return.  

Typical cost

$200 base, plus $160/hour with a minimum of $320. A typical client is $360-$480. For a specific quote, provide us with the prior year return, and we would be happy to get you a free quote! 


Dealing with the IRS

In the case of an audit or questions about the return, we will help you communicate with the IRS or Indiana and provide any additional information needed.