Business Accounting

Have a free 30-minute consult with us to find out how we can assist you with your business accounting!  We can structure these services in various ways to fit within your business.


Monthly Reports

Most commonly, we offer after-the-fact accounting to small businesses and provide them with financials each month.

Typical cost

We will start one month to see our activity and level of involvement to get a monthly fixed fee. Generally clients are between $400-$600 depending on their level of activity, type of transactions, and systems in place. *As needed or quarterly options are available at $120 per hour for smaller businesses or just accounting review services (meaning you do the data entry).



Bill Paying


Financial Statements

Trustworthy partner

This can be a strategy so you do no overload an office admin with these tasks, and you have a trustworthy individual outside of your company to keep your checks and balance in place.

We can help!

We will work with you to help find your business needs and find what services work within your business budget.